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5 Questions we dare you ask an Interior Designer before you sign with them

By Alicia France


Interior designers are a capable and surprising breed.  While often viewed in error as “Décor-inas”, dealing with floral arrangements and drapes, there is a world of technical and systematic form involved in their specialisation. Interior designers can be employed in a number of different ways, from supply or consultation to project management of the entire job.


You might question where to begin and what scope of works is required to accomplish your goals – but your interior designer will know exactly how to launch into your next project.


Here are five questions to ensure you get the most out of your interior designer:


1. What are your qualifications & experience?

It’s important to understand the breadth and depth of knowledge your designer has acquired. This will give you the advantage to maximise their potential advice in your space.


2. Can I see examples of your past work?

Most companies will have an online portfolio of works, however, this is not always attributed to the specific designer. It is helpful to see designs that your designer contributed to. This will ensure confidence in moving forward with them. Reviewing multiple projects from your designer will allow you the opportunity to rule-out any designers that produce similar looks for every client. These are often about the easiest solution rather than tailoring your space to your needs and tastes.


3. What do you think my scope of works should be?

Many clients come to their interior designer to fix a problem such as “my living room feels too cramped” and yet, tell the designer how they want it to be fixed. If you limit your designer to how you would solve the issue, you will never know the transformation that could be achieved by creative flexibility with scope.


4. How long will my project take?

It is crucial that you and your designer are on the same page with deadlines, especially if this will effect your decision. A good designer will discuss any limits that a tight timeframe might bring. Yet work hard to achieve these to your requirements!


5. What will this project cost?

Giving your designer the ability to voice an estimated budget for a project not only prepares you financially, but gives you the option to discuss how to adjust the budget before your designer begins to specify. There are gorgeous options for all styles in every price bracket. Getting the budget on target at the onset of the project will ensure your designer is showing the best possible solutions for your space, as well as your wallet.


Photo Credit: Rolf Benz | NUVOLA | Exclusive to Frobisher Interiors. 


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