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Cosy Up for Winter

By Ann-Marie Appleton


It’s that time of year where not only are we making a complete wardrobe switch and pulling on our winter woolies; we all want to close the curtains, light the fire and candles, turn up the heating and sink into our sofas with a cup of something very tasty!

The key word to making your home cosy this winter is ‘layering’ – layer upon layer of textures will create depth and warmth to any interior. Here are some suggestions to make your home more inviting this winter:


Paints & Wallpaper.

If you are considering a new paint scheme, trusted favourites for 2019 are warm grey neutrals, deep radiant slate blues, and sunset glows with washed timbers. For the lovers of the “snow white look”, balance the room with rich and various shades of white to avoid the sterile and cold look.

There continues to be a huge and varied choice of wallpaper available which often has a warmer feel than paint, especially the heavily textured and patterned designs. Be brave and hang on all four walls – it really makes an impact!


Frobisher_Blog_Cosy up_winter_interiordesign_christchurchPhoto credit –


Warm to the touch.

For furniture and accessories, such as cushions and throws, use rich, dense fabrics such as velvet, suede, wool and corduroy. Traditional tartan wool checks look smart in both the town and country and are now available in more contemporary colours.

Knitted accessories are always a winter favourite Рthink chunky cable throws. Throws are great to have on hand throughout the house, not just in the bedrooms. Alternatively, faux furs look and feel fabulous! Drape them over furniture like a hard back chair or on top of the bed.

Consider adding a thick, chunky rug or runner on the timber and tiled floors for extra warmth underfoot. This will introduce another ‘layer’ and is essential on cold winter mornings if you haven’t got under floor heating.


Frobisher_Interiors_Warwick_Weave_Throw_Magnus_OlivePhoto credit – Weave


Soft scents & glow.

Candles are great all year round, but come into their own in the winter months. Vary the size and colours to spice it up a bit – try mixing pink and orange together if you want to try something different to the white/ivory classics.

Stimulate all the senses and include diffusers or room sprays in your home. These now come in a range of ‘winter’ scents if you prefer not to light candles. Otherwise, hurricanes and lanterns are a good safety option to contain a lit candle.

Switch off the overhead ceiling lights and switch on the lamps. Table and floor lamps create an ambiance and used with candles, cast a warm soft glow throughout the space.


Photo Credit –


Final tips.

The ‘appearance’ of wood adds immediate warmth to your home. If you live in an older house, you might have a panelled wall. If not, you can pick out ‘wood accents’ with wooden boxes, furniture and accessories.

Finally, insulate your home in every possible manner. The addition of curtains and blinds will help to reduce the heat loss – all your time and effort will be well worth it!




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