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Get Dapper – Your new interior look for 2017

By Alicia France

2016 saw a myriad of fun and cutting edge designs in New Zealand, some of which we see continuing strong in the new year, some of which we will leave behind. The obsession with the stark whites and blond timbers of Scandinavian minimalism will step aside to make way for bold colours with moody backdrops. We will also see a move away from geometric black and whites into sultry organic motifs. Designs will continue to create a cosy atmosphere in the home, however, soft neutrals will be replaced by dramatic hues and large-scale patterns.

New homes and refurbishments in 2017 might not seem as light and airy as in the past, however, they will create a preferred setting for late-night cocktail parties with friends or artistic endeavours. The new aesthetic will have a heightened conscientious blend of old and new, creating opportunities for bespoke designs to sit alongside antiquated pieces that make a space feel more personal and meaningful.


We forecast the following trends for the new year:

  • Mid-to-deep-tone timbers. We are seeing the move away from blond timbers and stains to the richer Walnut and Chestnut varieties, which add to the depth of the new aesthetic emerging in 2017.


  • Amusing Accents. Gone are the days of generic bowls filled with decorative balls, or other placeholder accessories that helped to complete the look of a space, yet often lacked in meaning. The market is moving towards quirky side-kicks that are directly relevant and cheeky, such as a statue of a pug dog on a skateboard or gilded hands giving a peace or ‘OK’ sign.OK Sign - Frobisher, Christchurch, New Zealand


  • Rich Colours. While we’ve enjoyed years of washed-out whites and neutrals, there is a huge movement towards deeply pigmented tones which had already begun in 2016 and is gaining momentum as we move towards 2017. These include royal purple, sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby red, and other jewel tones, which create drama as we move away from the soft-spoken neutrals of the past.

Blog 2017 Trends - Apartment Therapy


  • Matt Clay Features. While terracotta is remembered as a ghost from the distant past, we predict this trend will be in full force in the new year. If you don’t believe us, just check out Patricia Urquiola’s new ‘Tierras’ range of bold and playful tiles, which had us at “Hello”.

Blog 2017 Trends - Patricia Urqiola Designs


  • Large Format Tiles. Instead of 600 or 800mm squared tiles, the products on the market are pushing the boundaries with full-height tiles and panels, eliminating grout lines from floor to ceiling and has a striking visual impact.

Blog 2017 Trends - Patricia Urqiola Designs


  • Form & Function as Art. While the contemporary motto of “less is more” still holds true for 2017, we see commonplace items becoming crown jewels of the home. One exciting example of this is the Italian tap ware brand IB Rubinetti, which has paired up with renowned designers to create sumptuous modern masterpieces that will be the focal point of any bathroom or kitchen.


  • Moody Walls. The stark white walls in ultramodern houses will still have their place in the new year, however, the emergence of dark and moody colours will bespeak rooms on the cusp of in-vogue trends. Inky hues set the backdrop for many surfacing trends, such as jewel-toned furniture and quirky accents.


  • Metal Accents. A continuation of brass and platinum accents will be enjoyed in items such as chair legs, vases and light fixtures, however, copper will soon be out of the picture.



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