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8 Glamping Tips to Amp up your Summer Camping Game!

By Alicia France

Soon many New Zealand families will load the trailer, pack the boot to the brim and head on a roadie to one of our country’s many gorgeous wilderness campsite destinations. Here are some tips to maximise your relaxation while glamping this summer holiday.


1. Kindling & Leaf. If you haven’t already switched from hard-copy books to Kindle, now is the time. You can have hundreds of books downloaded and ready to enjoy on one tiny tablet. If you already own one, start researching new titles to read by using free web-based recommendation pages, such as Alternatively, if you can’t bring yourself to give up the tactile experience of flipping pages, there are loads of camping shelving units that pack down nicely and create a home for your books in your tent.


2. Nesting. Update your annual gear with new summer pillows, throws and rugs to give your tent a fresh and cosy feel. Mixing blues and greens with leaf and floral motifs will help the space relax it’s guests; while yellows, oranges and bright pinks will give the space an exciting vibe. Mixing reds and royal blues will bring an unexpected formal vibe that will feel bohemian in the tent setting. Also, try to find washable linen and cotton textiles for fresh, yet practical solutions.


Amp up your Glamping Tips - Frobisher, Christchurch, NZ


3. Lighting. For added ambiance at night, layer your lighting by running fairy lights along the perimeter of the tent and bring along lamps as well as lanterns. This will be sure to make your tent the top spot for card games and banter at twilight!


4. Mindfulness. Put your phone and watch away. Turn off your alarms, set your phone to flight mode, leave your laptop at home and don’t look back. Allowing your body clock to sync with the sun will give you more relaxing and deep sleep. Keeping your phone on flight mode will help you resist the temptation to check work e-mails or social media and enjoy the leisurely moments as they come. As Jim Elliot said “Wherever you are, be all there”.


5. Merry & Bright. Be intentional about playing games or activities that will be sure to produce laughter with your family and friends while you’re away. Not only is this emotionally healthy, but it is scientifically proven that laughter can improve one’s health. Spot It and Apples to Apples are hilarious, yet family friendly games that will be sure to start the giggles rolling.


6. Bedfordshire. Most campers will understand what it’s like to wake up from an average night’s sleep with a deflated mattress, bum on the ground and a bad attitude. While we can forget about this during a tasty breakfast, sitting in our brilliantly sunny campsites, it can also take the deep relaxation out of camping. Resulting in us feeling like we haven’t actually caught up on our rest over the holidays, meaning starting the New Year on the wrong foot. Invest in a hearty mattress than can withstand the wear & tear of campsites. A good option is Kathmandu’s Cabana airbed, which includes a self-inflating foam topper that makes you forget you’re on an airbed. Alternatively, try Torpedo 7’s Dream Cloud mattress which has a no noise stable surface for two people. We promise you won’t regret the investment!


Amp up your Glamping Tips - Frobisher, Christchurch, NZ


7. Astronomy. On clear nights, head down to the water for some primo stargazing. Be sure to pack a thermos, a good rug, your puffer and a star chart to enjoy the clear and crisp evenings. This may be your only opportunity of the year to spot certain star clusters or constellations, so cosy up with your mates or partner to enjoy your front-row seat to the stunning views of the universe.


Amp up your Glamping Tips - Frobisher, Christchurch, NZ


8. Swallowship. Camping does not need to mean eating beans out of tins like a pauper. While glamping, take advantage of the gorgeous weather and the delicious summer produce for fast and easy meal options. Fire up the barbecue with steaks alongside a medley of eggplant, asparagus, red onion and capsicum. Drizzle with teriyaki sauce while sizzling on the barbecue for a delicious finish. If you like fish, try fishing for your dinner during the day, then throwing it on the barbecue alongside tomato and zucchini skewers for a quick and rewarding end to your day. If you get stuck for ideas, try Annabel Langbein’s suggestions for easy summer meals.



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