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Inside Out: Tips for indoor-outdoor Flow

By Lauren Kennedy


I personally find Summer to be the most inspiring of seasons for interior design and the beautiful weather brings revelation to a fine indoor-outdoor flow. This is successfully created with open movement through the living and kitchen space leading to the outside area, ultimately creating another room to be used. Perfect for the Summer months of entertaining and relaxing!

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Furniture & Fabric

You can create this extra ‘room’ with similar pieces you would normally use inside. Consider including outdoor sofas, chairs, coffee tables, dining tables and of course a lovely hammock or hanging egg chair. When it comes to material, there are endless choices in design and styles of fabric. From solid blocks of colours like blush pink, natural linen, burnt orange and soft grey to textured fabrics, geometric prints and delicate detailed finishings.

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Accents & Highlights 

To complement this area, try adding metallic highlights in your décor with abstract shapes and plant pots. Include various gradients of rich tones such as deep teal green, coral, blush pink with an organic pop of colour like mustard yellow and spinach green. Trending colours such as these can be used in your soft furnishings. Think cushions, throws and even outdoor rugs.

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A touch of green

As you are creating an open flow between areas using plants really helps to bring the natural elements inside, as well as complementing the smooth transition between both spaces. That being said, there is no limitation with plant selection as there is a wide range of both artificial and real plants available. For first time plant growers, endeavour to use popular choices such as  Peace Lilies, miniature Succulents or a Mother-in-Laws Tongue (also known as a Snake Plant.) These plants are both on trend and easy to look after!

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Flooring Flow

Flooring is also a key factor for a natural flow to the outside area. We are seeing a lot of engineered timbers which are providing both a classic statement and an edgy look, from prime to rustic gradings. Timber flooring transitions perfectly to balcony and deck areas, especially when the timber runs the same direction from the interior. This tends to elongate the space and provide a seamless flow encouraging your guests to venture to the new space outside!

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