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By Alicia France, Interior Design Student (D&A Intern)


We are in love with the Sari wallpaper in the “Nomades” collection, designed by Elítis. This French design has 20 colour-ways, ranging from bold to neutral. Whether you’re trying to create an elegant room with hints of Eastern eclecticism or an opulent oriental theme, this collection is a brilliant option!


Inspired by the raw material used to create Thai sari’s, this striped wallpaper is the perfect addition to an eastern-inspired design. The ‘off the beaten’ track design has an organic feel, putting a new spin on a traditional striped wallpaper. We see this wallpaper design finding its home in urban cafes, studio-style apartments, reception areas and residential entryways, as a bold feature.


To complete this eclectic and authentic Asian mood, add a mixture of dark timbers, such as Indian Rosewood and a dark-stained teak, to create depth to the design. Layering Persian and Moroccan rugs would add an authentic, nomadic, relaxed feel to the room. Including subtle details such as a leather catchall tray filled with foreign coins or a grey sheepskin, enhances the ethnic mood.

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