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With a focus on sustainability.


The team at Frobisher talk to ArchiPro about the increase in their sustainable offering through partnership with Thomas Bina..

Since opening its first showroom four years ago, Frobisher has built a reputation as a studio offering products of exceptional design from a long list of local and international designers. One of its latest pairings is with American designer Thomas Bina, who is widely regarded as a pioneer in the sustainable furniture movement.

“Thomas Bina’s work is a good fit for Frobisher as sustainable design has certainly come to the fore in the past few years, especially in New Zealand following the Christchurch earthquakes,” says national retail manager Jessica Beavon.

Upcycled materials

“Much of the post-earthquake architecture around Christchurch has been concerned with upcycling or incorporating salvaged materials and using them in interesting and innovative ways.

“Likewise, Thomas Bina sources rare and hard-to-find timbers from demolition sites in Northern, Central and Southern America and incorporates them into his minimal designs.”

Jessica says, since featuring some of Thomas Bina’s designs, she herself has become more focused on sourcing sustainable pieces for the studio.

“This has very much become a personal journey for me. Initially, I was attracted to Thomas’ work because of his design aesthetic but as I learned more about his own journey from law student to furniture designer and his drive to use ethically sourced, sustainable materials, I became really interested in and excited about the sustainable furniture movement.

“As a buyer for the Auckland and Christchurch showrooms, it has become my goal to offer a wider range of sustainable furniture pieces for the New Zealand market. A lot of our clients, too, have embraced the pieces available and not just from an ethical point of view but also because they are stunning examples of design.”

Pairing reclaimed timber and industrial material

Thomas Bina’s signature is pairing exotic hardwoods with other materials such as steel and concrete to create modern classics that feature pared-back lines.

“A typical Thomas Bina piece radiates a natural timeliness that means that won’t date and won’t succumb to trends,” says Jessica.

“His work resonates with Kiwi consumers because of its richness and because of its practicality. His pieces offer versatility and can be used in any space, they look good and they carry a story. They also reflect a desire amongst consumers for honest, quality-built and designed pieces and the shift away from the mass-produced.

“Each Thomas Bina piece is handmade, which means no two pieces are the same and each piece has a unique identity.”

Frobisher has a range of Thomas Bina bookcases, tables, chairs and sideboards immediately available from its Christchurch showroom and will be launching the range in Auckland in coming weeks.

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