How Your Interior Space Affects your Mood

May 18th, 2021

How Your Interior Space Affects your Mood

Our National Retail Manager Jessica Beavon talks us through how your interior space affects your mood and what elements contribute to this.

For some of us and for many of us, around the globe we are spending more and more time at home. Sharing our intimate spaces with work colleagues over zoom and trying to find sanctuary in our bubble. In such uncertain times our environment can promote feelings of peace and calm through colour, scents, sounds, texture and objects that have meaning to you and those around you, on the other hand these can also be make you feel not so great!


Are you surprised? Colour plays a huge part in influencing our disposition. I am not saying that you need to paint your room bright orange because it is your favourite colour but think of colours that bring you calmness and contentment. I would recommend using light colours like greys, beiges , whites and taupe’s. Light hues in greens and blues help give a sense of relaxation and freshness. Incorporate brighter colours that are interchangeable through your cushions, throws & art.


Our sense of smell is the strongest out of our five senses and the one most tied to memory and emotion. Not only can you use different fragrances for nostalgia but you can also use them to feel a certain way too.

Scents such as citrus can make you feel more awake, productive and calmer. So, if you’re struggling to wake up and get working, lighting a citrus based scent can help with this.  Similarly, Lavender is another powerful scent capable of altering the mood. It’s often used as a natural sleep and relaxation aid. So, if you’re looking to unwind, you’ll want to focus on scents which contain Lavender.

If you wish to be taken on a journey through a concoction of luxury smells our Maraca collection can offer you just that. Choose from an array of fragrance notes  like, Blackcurrant Buds , Tonka Bean , Hibiscus & Lilly of the Valley.

You can view our Maraca range here

S p a c e

Feel good and inspire productivity through organisation. If organisation is not your strong suit and understandably won’t be your priority either, you must remind yourself of the long term effects of this on your mental health and mood. Overwhelming areas in your home will overwhelm your emotions, it will weigh on your shoulders and directly affect your happiness and mental health. It has been proven that those who describe their spaces as cluttered or disorganised are more likely to experience feelings of fatigue, hopelessness and stress. Don’t underestimate the importance of surrounding yourself with enough organisation and order to thrive. Ask yourself – “what would Marie Kondo do?”


Light vs Dark – Moody vs Bright. Each setting brings about a different feeling. For instance, floor to ceiling windows allows for natural light to pour into your living room or other area can create a sense of peace and warmth. The more sunlight you have in a space, the more energy it will evoke in you and your guests. On the flip side ambient lighting can help you feel more relaxed and help unwind. Statement lamps and wall lights are a great accessory to help set the mood. View our comprehensive lighting range here




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