I love different styles – how can I pull these together?

November 10th, 2020

I love different styles – how can I pull these together?

It is hard to choose just one interior design style when you love them all, trust me I know! If you have an idea of what styles you want to incorporate right from the start it will of course make your project much easier and your final design configuration will flow perfectly.

However, nowadays it is quite common in decorating to mix and match styles, especially if you have an array of pieces that you have collected over the years, or if you have a blended family, different tastes, maybe even some inherited items, or you just have a love of shopping in general. Multiple reasons can cause you to love different styles but you may want to consider the overall theme, like if you would prefer a rustic setting, or a more glamourous vibe, or even a good classic design that will never date.

If after that, you still find yourself going around in circles unable to decide and realising that if you stick to a specific style it will become boring and uninspiring for you, then eventually you’ll probably come to the conclusion that your ultimate style is actually a combination of all of the above – and that is absolutely fine!

There will always be new trends that come out so more and more people are leaning towards the transitional way of design. Expand your tastes, maybe consider mixing industrial with French country – but the key thing is to make it all work together harmoniously, to view the space as a whole and for it appear cohesive and unified. You want to still have a home that looks comfortable and cosy without it feeling too trendy or for it to feel like a showhome. The biggest challenge is making sure that you haven’t got too much of any one style. You want there to be juxtaposition between the styles otherwise your eyes will not be able to rest.

Start by making a plan and list the items that you already have or the items you want to add into each room. Think of the style of each piece, if there are any particular markings, patterns or finishes that will help tie them all together so you will have continuity and flow no matter what the interior design style. For instance, you can pick up on the lines of a sofa and repeat that curve or line throughout the space.

You will find that most styles are a blend of several different eras and periods. Mix antique and new, art deco and modern, traditional and classic, shabby chic and contemporary – either way, you’ll find that they all coexist together, if done right. Try not to incorporate anymore than three design styles per room as you don’t want the room to look disorganised and overwhelming.

Layers, materials, layout and scale (proportion and the comparative size of objects in a space) are also important elements of design, plus will add visual interest. By mixing tonal fabrics, materials and textures you will start to see the space blend effectively.

A large, heavy velvet sofa can ground the room and close in a space whilst looking rich and luxurious, however, team it with lightweight leather armchairs that have raised wooden legs, not only do you have two completely different styles but it will help the room feel more spacious again.

Think of your colour palette, keep your flooring neutral as it will help tie everything together. If you choose too many colours each piece in your room may feel like it stands alone. Try to keep it brief and tonal but don’t forget accents, those pops of colour. Emphasize something in your room, a conversation starter like a bold sofa, a grand piano, a stone fireplace or a gorgeous planter – put the focus on something. Sometimes there is that one decor piece, that oddball that stands out from the rest of your furniture, use that as a focal point, don’t hide it. To create a connection with the different styles tie the colour into the artwork, a rug or other soft furnishings in the room like cushions or throws.

Remember, this is your home, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed in your own environment and showcase your personality, so take your time so that you can feel happy with the overall result.


Angie McPherson Interior Designer at Frobisher Interiors.





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