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Family Bond in Christchurch

Frobisher Interior Design

This large family home in suburban Christchurch was in need of an overhaul.

Our clients approached Frobisher with an open mind and the desire to create a home that would future-proof this young family moving into the teen years, while remaining focused on the family ties and bond.

All aspects of the interior including bathrooms, kitchen, flooring, window treatments, and furniture have been replaced, allowing new pieces for the home to be meticulously sourced and specified. This created a design that is timeless and interesting, while maintaining a practicality and resilience to family life.

Frobisher collaborated with many trades and suppliers, including Christchurch based Palazzo Kitchens, to create a stunning European-made kitchen that works well with the family’s lifestyle.

The final design of this home is eclectic, warm and welcoming; inviting the clients to entertain and enjoy with extended family and friends for many years to come.
It has been a pleasure working with our clients to create this interior. Their trust in the design process and in Frobisher never wavered, and collectively we are all very pleased with the outcome.

Photo Credit | Sarah Rowland Photography